Project on Studying Global Internet Network
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           The Internet has created a tightly interconnected world. By integrating the paths of tracing a number of websites around the world, we are able to know how the Internet is connected among countries, and how Internet information flows inside and outside the country as well. We have collected data from nearly 100 countries, and our goal is to collect data from 150 countries. By achieving this goal, we definitely have the promise of publishing this study in a very high impact journal.


Spatial Pattern

We study the structure of global Internet network and the characteristics of information flow among countries.


We study the cultural, political, economic, social implications that the characteristics of information flow bring in different countries.


We study factors that cause the characteristics of Internet information flow around the world.


About us

Our team is led by distinguished professor, Dr. Charles Feng, from Shenzhen University, with support from full-time research assistants, and a number of PhD and Master's students.

Tel:86-0755-8658 1026    Emailfffchao at szu dot edu dot cn / fffchao at gmail dot com

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