Introducing School of Media and Communication

Founded in 1985, the School of Media and Communications at Shenzhen University first established the Public Relations specialization; and then Advertising in 1989, proudly one of the first specializations of its kind in China at that period. During 30 years’ of dynamic development, the School established three bachelor degrees including Journalism, Advertising, Internet and New Media. We also achieved the qualification to confer Doctoral Degree, research Master degree and professional Master degree in the programs of Journalism & Communication. Moreover, we established a key Humanities and Social Science Research base of Guangdong Provincial level in higher education; Post-doctoral Program; and National Practical Teaching Demonstration Center.

The Ministry of Education Discipline Evaluation designated our School as B Class, and tied for 17th place in China in the forth ground evaluation. Currently, the School of Media and Communication hosts 56 faculty, including 16 professors, 17 associate professors, 23 lecturers and assistant professors. We currently have 1100 undergraduates, 249 graduates, and 20 doctorial students.

The School of Media and Communication has very distinctive discipline characteristics, focusing on the integration of our primary disciplines with other complementary subjects to promote and enhance academic innovations and intellectual discoveries. These initiatives and scholarly contributions can be traced to the 20th Century with the sinicization of the overall communications environs. During the last two decades, the School engaged in sustainable reforms, focusing on enhancing social innovation, creativity and media collaboration, with a special focus on the national and international genres of digital communications.

Our School has undertaken dozens of communications projects at national and provincial levels, and published hundreds of research papers in world-class journals, as well as dozens of specialized academic forums, such as 2019 Shenzhen Forum collaborating with NCA ( National Communication Association, America) on New Media Innovation; 2019 Summer Workshop on Social Media and Health Communication collaborating with the Research Center on Health and Risk of Michigan State University and the Media Research Center of City University of Hong Kong. These collaborations eventually formed innovative characteristics, highlighting the influences of our dynamic specializations and very successful scholarly collaborations nationally and abroad.  

With this brief introduction, School of Media and Communication at Shenzhen University respectfully invites you to join our dynamic institution of international higher education, life-long learning and communications.

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